Belle's story

Belle has a unique look, with her white rabbit feet, her massive front paws that she curls under her chest while resting, and her calico mishmash. Belle has a tipped ear, which suggests she was once a feral or community cat. This may explain why she's not a big lap-sitter and is pretty independent. She can be enticed to use those big paws to bat around a string, and loves to be groomed and pet.  Topping the list of favorite activities, though, is having her ears and cheeks rubbed, which she'll enjoy for about as long as you can stand it.  She'll likely do best as the only pet in a calm home. She won't demand much of your time, but would love to daily sessions of play and pets.
Belle is spayed, micro-chipped and current of vaccinations.
Her adoption fee is $75.00



Affectionate & Mellow
10 lbs
4 years